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Come meet the team at MV-1 of Upstate New York. We are your Albany handicap van and wheelchair van source.

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MV-1 of Upstate New York is your stop for Albany handicap vans and wheelchair vans. We are your premier mobility dealership specializing in your independence. We are the only dealer for the Albany and Upstate New York Capital District that can deliver the newest  accessibility in the only production model wheelchair accessible vehicle – the all new MV-1, built like a truck drives like a car, will not bottom out from normal driving and fits in a standard garage. For wheelchair users that require removable front seats we offer the only full stainless steel floor on the market in the Amerivan El Dorado conversion van for Chrysler, Dodge, and Toyota. We keep a selection of quality used vehicles in stock for affordable solutions. We also offer a wide selection of other equipment to make life easier and you more independent! Our technicians are “world class” and are able to work on most vehicles bumper to bumper-to say “we not only are capable of modifying you vehicle and servicing the ramp etc., we are able to service the drive train as well!”

We are a NMEDA certified QAP dealer( National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association) QAP(Quality assurance Program) http://www.nmeda.com/  . We have fully trained and certified staff to handle all your mobility needs from  wheelchair accessible vehicles to lifts and hand controls. We work with the highest quality manufacturers for the fewest problems for the end user such as:

2016 MV-1 SE

$39,800 MSRP

The MV-1 SE is far more than just “another accessible vehicle.” It’s the future. It’s a game changer. And it is leading the way as MV-1 opens the door to accessible transportation for everyone.

2016  MV-1 DX

$49,975 MSRP

The MV-1 DX truly is in a class by itself. But its beauty goes deeper than its automatic in-floor ramp and spacious flat floor. The DX is an open door to the open road – to a new level of comfortable, stylish accessibility.

2016 MV-1 LX

$56,995 MSRP

The MV-1 LX reinvents what a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is supposed to be. And it does so with unparalleled style and sophistication, all at an attractive price. The result is a bold declaration of independence.

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Built With You In Mind

Finally a vehicle that was built with your needs in mind. Learn why the MV-1 is the right choice for you.

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Learn more about the capabilities that this machine can handle here. The applications are endless and the MV-1 will get the job done effortlessly.

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Go Green!

Learn more about the Green options that the MV-1 has to offer. The MV-1 is not only practical, but it’s good for the environment too.

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